Howdy! I’m Walt, a creative dude with a background in digital media. I’m also a musician. I initially created this website to show off my creative work. Now I use it to share tips from my dual career as both a digital marketer by day, and musician by night. I try to apply the digital marketing tactics I’ve learned towards my music – blogging about helpful tips that other musicians and creative pros can use to market creative works.

Professionally, I’ve worked on projects with large and small companies doing everything from filming, video editing, graphics design, social media, blogging, SEO and designing websites. Check out my demo reel below to get a feel for what I’ve worked on.

Musically, I play guitar in my band – doing everything from playing live shows, to songwriting, to studio recording. Oh, and i also designed my band’s website

I guess you could say I like to do it all. I love learning and expanding my skill set. Hopefully you can takeaway a few lessons from my blog that can be used in your creative projects – whether it be video, music or something else!